Friday, 8 August 2008

Just meandering this week

Obviously the weekend was fairly significant and this week has almost been a kind of slow recovery with various ups and downs in terms of my feelings and thoughts with some more confusion thrown in for good measure. Nothing really specific just general self analysis and exploration of what/who I am or want to become.

The week seems to have flown by as well and I really can't think of all of the things I've done, I really should try and write blog entires more often otherwise I just forget so much that it's a bit pointless.

Having been coming into work in jeans, top, and ankle boots all week. This is partly for the obvious challenge and progress but also for practical reasons; my bob-mode jeans are getting to be too big on me, not by a huge margin but enough that it's noticeable and I feel I just look a mess. Also I think alot of my shirts are also a bit baggy and frankly they need a good wash as some get used for me cycling in and really need serious de-odourizing as 30° wash just doesn't do the trick.

Anyway, I decided, for the reason above and for another small step along the path, to get myself some proper cycling shorts and tops so that a) I have things designed to keep me warm/comfy b) the clothing is going to be better at drying out and not smelling so bad. So I bought a few cheapo lycra/cotton shorts (running shorts I guess) and t-shirts and some proper cycling pants and top.

Haven't got the cheapo things yet but the proper cycling shorts and top arrived and I got a chance to try them this morning (I couldn't wait really). I have to say they were fantastically comfortable which is hardly surprising as there is a huge padded cushion bit in the middle! Not that cold this morning (summer's day today) but kept the chill off and also seemed to let the sweat (I'm sorry, "perspiration" - I obviously don't sweat :D ) out.

So I don't think I'm going back to the previous cycling gear nor my old bob-mode clothes. In fact I don't suppose I'm that far off being in female/feminine mode almost 24/7 now. And, like alot of the things I've done, I don't want to go backwards and revert to how it was before, I have to keep moving forward and doing more ....

... but I'm running out of things to do. I think I need to have a serious think this weekend about taking the next step sooner rather than later and I will consider if I should book a private appointment in London.

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