Monday, 9 June 2008

Socialization sucks

Another bizarre stream of conciousness that I thought I'd subject the internet to:

I saw an update from someone on Facebook about dropping their daughter off at Grandmothers for the weekend. Not too surprising, but what made me think is that this person apparently writes about open relationships and I presume practices what she preaches.

It got me wondering what that was like for a child growing up in such an environment, it might be a bit like going through multiple seperations or divorces I decided. Much better to have a nice stable married couple to bring up a child, that's the ideal after all.

And then it hit me: I remember reading that marriage is only a relatively recent concept, or certainly the idea that it was the 'ideal' scenario is only something that has been pushed (I think it was within the last few hundred years).

So my reaction to what I read was entirely based on what I had been told to expect and see as ideal! Just a cultural bias rather than an objective opinion. It is amazing how much prejudice is actually built into your head without you knowing it.

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