Saturday, 17 May 2008

Trafford Centre

Well, I finally made it! It took an awful lot of psyching myself up and my heart was absolutely pounding when I got there but I managed to actually wander round the Trafford Centre!

First the bad bits - I took some pics of me before and after the little trip and some of them looked terrible, I look absolutely hideous! Also not happy about the make-up it definitely shows up too much against the very pale skin below my neckline - I either need different foundation, a sun-tan, or less make-up in the first place (hopefully this may be easier after IPL/electrolysis/whatever). Also felt a little bit of an anti-climax after wandering round for a bit which wasn't what I'd expected to feel but on the other hand, this is maybe simply because I have actually done plenty of shopping in the US/Canada and this experience does kind of merge into those memories. In fact I did have the spooky feeling of deja vous in some stores as they shops all do look alot alike!

So here's a pic of me before going out (I am a little more wind-swept on returning as the weather has turned cold/wet/windy:I haven't time for a full piuc of the outfit but it's a combination of things I've worn before, brown blouse top from Gap, denim skirt (knee length), brown Nine West boots. Also wore my brown cord jacket.

Got to the Trafford Centre and did for a moment think of just turning round and coming home, I really was very nervous. Finally convinced myself to get out of the car and walk in. Used my mobile phone as a sort of comfort blanket - staring at that meant not having to look around me. Gradually did this less and less as the reactions I got mirrored those in Canada; some people don't even notice, some look once but no reaction, some look twice but that's it and some stare a bit too long but will look away when you stare back.

Wandered all the way from John Lewis to Debenhams - that's the full length of the Trafford Centre, I'd decided that I'd try that for a start without doing anything more risky. Had a look at some clothes in Debenhams, nothing that interesting jumped out at me.

Did notice someone in the store who had a few tell-tale TG signs; they had quite sharp features, looked a fair bit older than me but dressed a bit OTT (sorry, that is a bit of a harsh thing to say but I did notice that but immediately thought - could be an RG they can over-dress too) I didn't look long enough to be absolutely certain - I know for a fact I don't like people staring at me so I'm not going to do it to someone else.

On my walk back towards John Lewis I decided to have a look in Dorothy Perkins as I wanted to see if they had any nice tops (though I guess last week was Summer and that's our lot now in terms of Sun). Managed to find a very bright dress (like one I already bought but a much brighter pattern) and they'd done the same thing again in making a top in the same material. Got that and also a brown/gold top that might go well with jeans for a clubbing night out :D

I did wander round John Lewis for a while having gotten quite use to being out and about and wondering what else I could do. Decided to go as it was getting near teatime and I'd achieved what I set out to do.

Got back to the car and the first song to come on was Take That's 'Rule The World' which is from the soundtrack to Stardust which was wonderful! They also had "Love it when you call" by The Feeling on further into the journey and I love that song as well - I was singing away with the radio at full volume!

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Anonymous said...

Love that look and with the black blouse you look absolutely stunning.