Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Karma is odd

Today has, so far, contained both good and bad things.

A friend at work, and luckily the local HR representative (one of many roles she has), talked to HR in our head office on my behalf to ask about their approach and policies regarding TG staff. Essentially the response was very positive and they said they are 100% supportive and, when and if I feel ready, I can discuss the various possibilities with the HR director to explore the various options. I should point out at the moment that my name hasn't been mentioned regarding this enquiry.

So that was certainly a good thing as was the fact that I managed to make an appointment with Transform for a free consultation regarding facial hair removal. I have a sneaking suspicion that we're talking lots of money here and they also mentioned IPL when their website says LightSheer Laser ... however, that could all be one and the same thing!

On the downside I phoned up my doctors to change my address and was told I'm now out of their area (I only moved a few miles!) so I need to re-register with a different surgery. This is a bit of a blow as I'd assumed that I'd be able to stay with the same doctor who I have got use to and felt I could trust should things progress in my life. Having to change is a bit scarey and I'm also concerned where I may end up as this flat is near the slightly rougher end of town.

On a slightly less severe note, but still mildly inconvenient, I had the washing machine repair man out today to look at the washer/dryer in the flat as I'd reported that the floor was damp and there was quite a racket when the things was spinning (the machine not the floor :D) and didn't sound healthy.

Turns out the a very large weight in the machine has been loose for some time (by the looks of it) and had broken the drum leaving a very large hole at the top where the water would have been sloshing out all over the place! Time for a new washer/dryer! I just hope the landlord and agent get this sorted quickly, my clothes are piling up!

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