Wednesday, 2 April 2008

I'm getting a bit seasick!

Everything is constantly going up and down, there is little consistency in how well/badly things are going at the moment!

I thought we had things sorted out last night, we had a plan and we had some agreement about what was going on and we were even being civil to each other. This morning seemed to be much of the same though my wife was a little testy about the fact that I didn't help as much as I could get our son ready for school.

I'm torn as to whether this was a fair point; on one hand I had stayed away
as my son is struggling to eat breakfast and I generally want him to manage it all himself and I offer no help - and he whinges and whines and I don't really help matters. On the other hand I did sit or 30mins writing a blog entry (didn't want to wait 'till I got to work) when I could have been getting myself dressed and sorted out.

I got back late tonight (around 7pm) as I'd ended up trying to finish off some work (did get distracted with talking to S as well though) and I didn't txt/phone till just before I left. Anyway my wife didn't seem too bothered by this.

She asked me about the trip to Vancouver and was suspicious of the response; that I still didn't know yet, she thought I was just "stringing her along". I said they are still deciding and it is a bit up in the air over there at the moment (projects, budgets, people, etc), but I'd let her know as soon as I know.

She then started saying that I needed to redirect my mail once I knew that I was going - it could be sent to my parents place she said and they could forward it. I misunderstood and thought that she wanted me to do that straight-away or when I moved out. Anyway I said that all of it would likely be bills anyway so they were probably better coming here - she started to get upset and said that we were meant to be separated and something about the tax credits.

[ Oh, at some point in the conversation above she mentioned that I should cut my nails - they are certainly getting long now so difficult NOT to notice, on the other hand - pun not intended - we are separated, why should I cut my nails! ]

I said that I thought "separated" could apply if we simply slept in different beds so there should be no problems as far as the tax man was concerned. At which point she said she had a headache and was tired and didn't want to talk about this.

I'm a little annoyed that, from what I thought yesterday (see this mornings post), my wife has reverted so quickly to wanting to push me out and away and to rub out all trace of my existence and link to the house.

My wife would likely say that she is getting annoyed/upset because she is tired, has had a hard day at work, and that it's her time of the month (this apparently gives her the right to be psychotic - yes, I know it isn't pleasant and does make you feel like crap but after so many years of this you'd think a trip to the doctor to try and get something to make it less traumatic might be in order?).

Sorry, I'm just a bit miffed to now be facing "nasty" wife again when I thought we were trying to be civil to each other.

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