Wednesday, 12 March 2008

What are we teaching our kids?

I was reading Fireman Sam to my son last night and this particular book is starting to annoy me. The page in the pic is the penultimate one and the last page reads 'oh, Sam, you've saved the day again - our hero!' and show Sam putting the fire out from the relative safety of the platform on the fire engine. But who was it that saved Mandy by climbing up a later against a burning building? That would be Penny! So, surely *she* saved the day, or at the very least it was a team effort! How sexist can you get! I mean Penny did all the dangerous work and doesn't even get a mention! All Sam did was point his hose at the fire and then take all the credit! Grrr - makes me mad anyway! :D


Jessica Hart said...

Erm, latent sexism - is all around when you look carefully. I'm carefully resisting any comment on men/hoses/pointing/credit :)

Fiona's Boots said...

Oh come on, I set that up perfectly and you're not going to comment! I was expecting someone to, sooner or later :D