Thursday, 20 March 2008

Inner and outer image

I just wanted to try and capture this though as, like so many of the things that flit through my head it'll probably be gone shortly.

I'm wondering what my view is of how I look. I have noticed that I don't really like to look at myself in the mirror unless I'm appropriately made-up and looking fab. This, in the cold light of day still isn't fantastic but it can be better that what I see (sadly) most of the time.

But it occurred to me that maybe what I think is the image of me, isn't. That I have an internal view of myself that really doesn't match the external appearance and that I'm actually talking and acting through my own inside person which might be a little confusing for everyone else.

Oh yes, while I remember, I'm pretty sure I'm getting more camp in my manerisms and affectations, even at work, maybe I'm trying to just break out ... or maybe I *really* do desperately want to go to the works social night in FULL Fiona mode ... OMG that would be SOOOOOO funny! LOL

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