Thursday, 20 March 2008

If at first you don't succeed ...

... you clearly haven't drunk enough.

Well, okay, I'm not feeling completely and totally down, but low enough to hit the alcohol - while watching Sex Change Soldier ... not exactly the right programme for a balanced frame of mind at the moment ... will hopefully comment on this in another blog post if a) I remember what I was going to say and b) I can read the notes I made (yes, terrible when you take notes so you can blog about something later!)

Sadly (or maybe fortunately) my liver appears to be functioning perfectly well OR the 20% proof liqueur that I was consuming really didn't have the desired affect! Question for anyone knowledgeable in biological chemistry: does the sugar in sweet drinks in any way reduce the affect of the alcohol? Equally does having food with drink simply 'dilute' the alcohol or are there other chemical reactions going on that effectively mop up any of the nasty compounds created by the digestion of ethanol?

So, currently tired, confused, and nowhere near as drunk as I'd like to be ... must try harder next time (preferably after applying make-up etc).

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