Monday, 31 March 2008

The affect on my son

My son has always been quite awkward about getting up and getting ready for school - well mainly it's the eating breakfast bit, he is, with prompting okay about putting on his clothes and brushing his teeth etc.

This morning he was terribly slow and I was getting quite annoyed with him, though I didn't shout. In the end my wife and I decided that he'd stay at home and have a sleep. When she put him in bed he admitted that he'd been "tricking" us so we had a frantic dash to get ready for school.

In the mad rush I decided I wanted to know what was really going on so I sat him down to talk to him and ask what was bothering him. He eventually admitted that "Mummy and Daddy arguing" made him sad. I tried to explain to him that none of this was his fault and that both of us still loved him very much and we always would but that we had some things to sort out.

This is obviously not good and I'm not really sure how to help him through this and make him understand at least some of what is happening (the split, me going to work away, etc) so that he is not too upset.

Anyway, we got to school late (only a few mins) and, as my son entered the room he spotted his teacher and said:

"Miss *****, you've forgotten ME!"

I looked at his teacher and said what both of us were thinking: "No-one could forget you, son".

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