Friday, 8 February 2008

Oooooooo ... aaaaaahhhhhh

This was the sound I made when I just came back in after taking my boots off!

So here's a clever idea: stay out late with friends, drink lots, get to bed at a silly time, struggle to get out of bed, get into work (only 1hr later that my usual 7:30am), do a full day at work, come back (yawning all the way), get changed and then put on a pair of (nice Nine West) ankle boots with 3" heels, walk to Sky Train station (about 15mins), go to shopping Centre (Metrotown - only 15/20mins from Downtown), walk around for ages (buying several items from Le Chateau), then walk back to hotel.

Not bright really! Goodness, my feet ache! And my legs are pretty tired out too! I need a nice soak in the bath, which is exactly what I'm going to do now!

P.S. Pics of new outfits will be forthcoming when I get a chance to try everything on properly.

P.P.S If I keep mentioning Le Chateau and how fabulous their clothes are and how super-friendly all their staff are ... do you think I may get some discount or some free clothes? Anyone from Le Chateau reading this, please help a poor TGirl, I promise to give you lots of lovely free publicity!

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