Saturday, 23 February 2008

I must not watch tear-jerker chick-flicks!

Flicking through the channels while trying to rest in the hotel room and I came across "Beaches" which I haven't watched in ages (I have the soundtrack on CD somewhere and use to play it endlessly ... ooo, I actually have it on the mp3 player as well :D )

So started watching from about 1/2 through and towards the time I had to go down and get some food it was getting to the end and I remembered why I don't watch films like this too much; they make me cry my heart out!

It's even worse when I can even predict some of the dialogue

CC Bloom: "I know everything about you, and my memory is long" (CC walks away)
Hilary: "I'm counting on it"

Even more moving; Hilary is admitted to hospital, with little time left and, when CC arrives, says she doesn't want to be seen like this, she wants to leave ... CC goes and gives the hospital staff hell and gets her out and back to the beach house.

Thankfully at the point when "Wind beneath your wings" started to play I turned the TV off and went for some food otherwise I would have been a blubbering wreck!

Don't get my started on Titanic either! I've never dared watch that again after crying so much I thought my (female) friend was going to walk out and leave me in the cinema!

So now I prefer to stick to things with a happy ending ... I still cry at those anyway :D

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen "The Notebook"? It's a great movie. My spouse and I watched it but we cried our foolish (admittedly soft-hearted) heads off.

~ MoonBaby